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Lime Salted Love (2007) en PeliculaHD Online LIME SALTED LOVE is a minimalist, surreal examination of abandonment, guilt, abuse and psychic pain set in this minute's hipster enclaves of Los Angeles. The film, told in rippling flashbacks from its four main characters, drains out of the eyes of the institutionally confined, David Triebel, his guilt-ridden younger brother, Chase, Ellie, his emotionally damaged girlfriend, an ... d Zephyr, the sexual provocateur. In the visual narrative tradition of David Lynch the film depicts the tale of three bonded brothers broken by the accidental death of one and the residual guilt draping the remaining two The film examines how damaged people are hurt even more by their own willful ways. Sometimes it is the smallest things we do to others that destroys them.. mas

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  • Danielle Agnello
  • Joe Hall


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